All-New Website Design

The day is finally here. After a lot of hard work over the last few months the All-New is ready. All-New Video There is a brief video we just did to showcase all these great new features. Check it out here… New Features: Reviews, Responsive, +++ It features a bunch of new features and has a completely new look and feel to the whole site. It looks great on both mobile devices such as your iPhone or Android device, iPad, and your desktop computer. Bracelet Maker Also, one of the most exciting new features to the redesign…

Valentine’s Day Bracelet Pics

There are few bracelets engravings that came into the shop recently so we thought we should share them with you for some inspiration this Valentine’s Day. After all, finding that perfect can be hard, but the thoughtfulness of a personalized gift goes a long way to show your love for someone. Also, there is still time to get your order in, so order now to avoid the rush. Speak soon,

You Complete Me Couple Bracelets

Couple Bracelets Ideas

This is a perfect time to talk about some of the different combinations of couple bracelets that we have been seeing come into the shop. These are some great designs and should give you an idea if your stuck or just lend some inspiration to begin the engraving process. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner finding that perfect Valentine’s gift is sometimes hard, but a few personalized couple bracelets customized with your message could be just the fix. Regardless of the day, these couples bracelets are a great choice year round and I’m sure that special someone in your…

Examples of Red and blue with Black.

Examples of Red & Blue with Black ID.

The red with black Id and the blue with black ID have kind of snuck into the store rather quietly however they made a big impact here and you guys have really seemed to enjoy them. So, today I wanted to show you some quick examples of what these bracelets look like because I didn’t see that there were a lot of examples already here on the site,  so this will give you something new to look at. First up is just a classic name bracelet as you can see the red dye goes right through the bracelet and so…

Slim Cuff Leather Bracelet

It’s all about the Slim Cuff.

So we received this order today, and I wanted to share some of the great things about it. It’s all about the slim cuff. The ID style gets a lot of attention on the site, but lets not forget about its non-braided cousin. It is available in all the main colors like brown and black. And of course all the leather is the same. But, the BIG difference between the two is the amount of characters you can fit on the bracelet. It leaves a lot of room for creativity. You can fit the most popular sayings that you see…