All-New Website Design

The day is finally here. After a lot of hard work over the last few months the All-New is ready.

All-New Video

There is a brief video we just did to showcase all these great new features. Check it out here…

New Features: Reviews, Responsive, +++

It features a bunch of new features and has a completely new look and feel to the whole site. It looks great on both mobile devices such as your iPhone or Android device, iPad, and your desktop computer.


The All-New

Bracelet Maker

Also, one of the most exciting new features to the redesign is the All-New Bracelet Maker. We are super excited about this one. It has a live preview that automatically “engraves” the bracelet to the left so you can get a quick mockup of what your bracelet would look like. Pretty darn cool. Best of all it works on all of the ID and Slim Cuff Personalized Bracelets. Check out the bracelet maker for yourself.

Live Preview Option of the Bracelet Maker

Brand New Personalized Bracelet Maker

Updated Example Gallery

The Personalized Name Bracelet Example gallery will be updated with the best new bracelet designs that come through the shop and we are going to upload a ton of new designs in there. It will lend for some inspiration or give you the a great idea on where to get started.

Personalized Bracelet Example Gallery

Updated Personalized Name Bracelet Example Gallery

Discover Personalized Bracelets

Also, the Discover How It Works article is now live. It features some great helpful things for you to get started on. Best of all it is very in depth. It covers everything that you might need to help you get that PERFECT engraving.

Discover Personalized Leather Bracelets

Find out all about Personalized Leather Bracelets

There are countless other design improvement, articles, reviews, videos, and there will be a ton more on the way. We are just getting started.

Let us know what you think of the All New your source for personalized leather bracelets. In over 7 colors in three designs to choose from get started with yours today by clicking shop personalized bracelets in the top right corner.

Take care and speak soon,
The Whole team

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