How It Works

So you are looking for a totally cool, fun, meaningful, and unique gift for yourself or someone you know.

The thoughts of a personalized leather bracelet seems like it might just be perfect.

But then you start thinking…

“Personalized stuff is expensive, it takes forever to get made, and you have no idea what size to get.”


Fret not!

This article is here to explain the whole process behind our engraved leather bracelets, and will serve as a step by step tutorial on how to order one or more of these bracelets, offering plenty of information along the way that will assist you in making the right decision in selecting an engraving message, size, bracelet style, and everything else that goes into designing your bracelet including shipping estimates so you can have a general idea on how long it will take from the moment it’s ordered until your new bracelet arrives in the mail. Let’s get started!

Step 1: What do you want to say?

As the world’s largest online seller of engraved leather bracelets, we know a thing or two about the ideal way to figure out which bracelet you should get. It starts by deciding on what message you want to have engraved on the bracelet. The reasoning for this should make sense with the addition of the following information…

Engraving guidelines by type of bracelet:
ID (most popular) – 12 characters maximum including spaces.
Slim Cuff – 20 characters maximum including spaces.
Flower and Heart ID – 8 characters maximum including spaces.

So, based on the message you want engraved you should start by selecting a bracelet that will have adequet space for your message. Get resourceful with these; for example the date 02-23-2012 (10 characters) could be shortened to 2-23-12 (7 characters) giving you more room to work with. Just as the initals RCW & BCE could easily be shortned to RW & BE, effectively shaving a few characters but meaning the same thing.

Besides numbers and letters, you have the option to use symbols. Use these with letters and numbers for best effect.

Heart symbol ♥

Peace symbol ☮

Infinity or Omega symbol ∞

Ichthus (Jesus Fish) symbol <><

Cross symbol ✝

Ampersand Symbol &

Smily Face : )

RW ♥ BE (7 characters)
Drew & Sandy (12 characters)
RW♥BE 022312 (12 characters)
✝ Daniel <>< (12 characters) Jane ☮ (6 characters) 2 ∞ & > (read: to infinity & beyond, 7 characters)
RW ♥’s BE (9 characters)
To Infinity & Beyond (20 characters)

So as you can see, adding symbols to the alphanumeric characters leads to seemingly unlimited possibilities giving you all kinds of ways to express your message. Cool right?!

Okay so have you decided your message? Once you have, it is time to put that message on a bracelet. The length of your desired engraving will determine your style options, so that brings us to step 2.

Step 2: Style of Bracelet

Let’s get that message of yours from step 1 onto a bracelet. The length of your message might determine which bracelet you can select, so lets have a look at the three styles of engraved leather bracelets we offer here at

ID (pics)

ID (braided style) – 12 characters maximum including spaces.

Our most popular bracelet style is the Leather ID Bracelet which has braided ends and a center plate suitable for engraving. This style is perfect for girls and guys alike, and has been the traditional style of personalized leather bracelet for many years now.

Slim (pics)

Slim Cuff (band style) – 20 characters maximum including spaces.

Slim cuffs are like a plain leather band which offers the perk of a larger engraving surface area, so more room means more characters (20 total to be exact compared with 12 for the ID style). If you have a longer message you want engraved this is the bracelet you should pick.

Flower (pics)

Flower and Heart ID – 8 characters maximum including spaces.

This is essentially an ID style bracelet with a flower or heart cutout attached. These are really popular with the girls, however you will have less room to engrave (8 characters) so keep that in mind.

Now you should have an engraving message and the style of bracelet you will put it on, sweet! Let’s select a size for the bracelet.

Step 3: Bracelet Size

When deciding on a size use the following guidelines to assist you in making your size decision. These are general guidelines, however you will know better than we will about the particular person you are buying for. So keep that in mind!

ID Bracelet (with the braiding):
Extra Small: 6.5 in.
**(young kids with small wrists)
Small: 7 in.
**(Gals with small wrists or young kids with bigger wrists)
Medium: 7.25 in. (most popular)
**(Gals with average wrists, or Guys with smaller wrists.)
Large: 8 in.
**(Guys with average wrists, or gals with larger wrists.)

Slim Cuff Bracelet (band style):
Small: 6.75 in.
**(Gals with smaller wrists or young kids.)
Medium: 7.5 in.
**(Guys with smaller/average wrists, or Gals with average/bigger wrists.)
Large: 8.25 in.
**(Guys with average or larger wrists or Gals with larger wrists.)
All bracelet measurements listed are from middle of buckle to the other middle of buckle.

All bracelets have 1/2 in. width

Remember, this is a real leather product so there will be a slight variation in sizing. Also, all leather will stretch slightly when broken in.

**Generally speaking.

Step 4: Bracelet Color

This is the easy one, just pick your color! Brown and Black are the most popular, both being classic neutral colors that go with everything. If in doubt, go with one of these. We have many color options availible!

Step 5: Putting it all together

Okay! If you have followed the steps above you should have everything you need to order your bracelet. Each bracelet is only $14.99! We don’t even charge by the letter, your engraving is free! Yes that means you can get one of these bracelets WITH engraving included for only $14.99 each. Now that’s a deal!!

Head over to the *shop section* and begin the process of getting your personalized name bracelet by selecting your style and color from the options, then enter your engraving message into the engraving box. Just add to cart and you’re almost there.

*Repeat this process for each bracelet you need

Step 6: Shipping

Now let’s pick a shipping option, how soon do you need it?

Your order typically leaves our warehouse in 1-2 business days, so to get an idea on when your package will arrive consider the following shipping service options.

These delivery estimates INCLUDE the order processing time, so they represent a good estimate from the date of order until the date of delivery.

USPS Standard – 4-9 business days (usually 7 days)
USPS Priority – 3-6 business days (usually 4-5 days)
USPS Express – 2-3 business days (usually 2 days).

Also, because we ship with the USPS, saturday delivery comes standard with all packages. So for delivery purposes, Saturday counts as a business day.

Select the service desired and you are good to go! USPS Standard is the default method unless otherwise specified at checkout.

Step 7: Completing the Order

All that is left to do is complete your payment. We take payment security seriously, and offer our customers secure Authorize or PayPal processing options, both fully protected and secure with the latest SSL encryption technology. Once you complete payment for your order we’ll send you an email confirming all the details.

That’s it, you’re done! We’ll take care of the rest.

This tutorial should answer just about everything you might need to make your very own personalized leather bracelet, but if you have any questions or would like some information before placing your order, try our comprehensive Knowledge Base. If that still doesn’t answer it, do not hessitate to let us know. Contact details at the bottom of this article.

Best wishes,

Fun Express Village