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At PersonalizedNameBracelet.com we engrave  the bracelet bracelet you choose by hand right here in the USA with your message!

Over 14 high quality colors in stock everyday!

About The Shop

Store Picture from Inside Fun Express Village

The company that runs this website is Fun Express Village and we know a thing or two about selling Personalized Name Bracelets because we are located in the historic John’s Pass Village shopping center that has been a haven for travelers and locals for more than half a century! Visitors from around the world pay homage to the natural coastal beauty that surrounds this most unique fishing village.

Our store is located right across the street from the iridescent waters of the Gulf of Mexico!

Since 2001 we have been stocking the latest fashions trends and designs of Jewelry. Our Personalized Leather Bracelet line features ID bracelets, and Slim Cuff which all have been a huge hit with our customers from the store so we bring them to you online.

Customer service and value is a top priority at Fun Express Village, so if you ever have a question or are not fully satisfied with your purchase please visit the contact us page, and we will work something out.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!