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Couples bracelets – Make your own

Hey Folks, Just wanted to show you guys one of the more popular designs we do… It looks nice! It’s the initial ♥ initial design, and it is our most popular design for couples. To get a bracelet like this, you only need a few things. Check out these 4 steps: 1. First and last name initials for you and your special someone. Ex: BC and DA 2. Size requirements: Find the right size for both of you. Small starts and 7 inches, medium 7 ¼’’, and large is 8 inches. 3. These bracelets make awesome gifts, and they really…

Check Out The Personalized Name Bracelet Video

Hey Folks, Mark here for PersonalizedNameBracelet.com, and I have some exciting news… We just released a brand new video that features the most frequently asked questions, example engravings, and the full engraving process featuring your truly. Rather than keep you waiting check it out for yourself below… Pretty cool eh? Every bracelet is engraved with your message right here at the shop by hand. Also, your order will be sent out within 1-2 business so if you need it for a special occasion we do ship fast! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below….

The All New Examples!

Hey Folks, A lot of folks have asked to see some of the Personalized Leather Bracelets that we’ve done in the past so I have just uploaded the first batch em’. You can check out  all the engraving goodness right here in our example gallery! Let me know what you think below. Talk soon, Mark

Grand Opening!

Hey, Welcome to the all new site dedicated to personalized leather bracelets… MyPersonalizedLeatherBracelets.com! All of us at the shop are pretty exited to have the website up and finished for engraving enjoyment. The bracelets are all engraved by hand in John’s Pass, and it only takes about a day once you place your order so the turnaround time is pretty quick. We have over 14 styles and colors in stock and ready to go, just make sure to include the message you want engraved before you click the buy now button. Click Shop Personalized Leather Bracelets in the top right…