Bible Verse Bracelets

Our personalized leather bracelets can be engraved with whatever personalized message you want, but one of the very popular designs we see all the time from our customers around the USA and abroad is the bible verse bracelet.

Making your own Bible Verse Bracelet is a great way to carry your favorite bible verse wherever you go, and is a great way to show your faith and devotion by displaying it on your wrist for others to see. Since all bracelets are custom engraved you can pick any verse you want.

Creating your own scripture bracelet is a fun, quick, and easy process! Before long you will be wearing your very own faith bracelet inscribed with your favorite verse.

Bible Verse Bracelet Example

Bible Verse Bracelet Example

Making your bible verse bracelet is accomplished in 4 steps, let’s get started.

  1. Decide on the verse. Pick the bible verse that is your favorite or the one that holds special significance. Make sure you have it just right, periods and all. Here’s an example… Jer 29: 11-13 or Luke 9:25 (Lots of times folks use abbreviations to conserve space if it too long)
  2. Pick a color and size. The second step is all about picking the bracelet that is right for you. Measure your wrist and check out the sizing details and explanations on our personalized leather bracelets shopping page on the right. We have small, medium, large, and x-large.Now pick your color; there are over 10 different colors available. Brown and black are classic colors that match well with anything and tend to be the most popular.
  3. Add engraving detail & add to cart. – Carefully and accurately copy the verse over to the engraving detail box, being sure to capitalize and punctuate as necessary.
    Step #3

    Step #3 - Add your engraving message and add to cart

    Once the engraving detail is in there and you have selected your desired color and size click “add to cart.” You will see confirmation of the bracelet you have added in the Paypal shopping cart. This process can be repeated for multiple bracelets using either the same or different verses.

  4. Complete payment and wait. Once the item is in your cart, all that is needed is to finish your order by paying securely via Paypal. From here your order  will be engraved and shipped out within two business days (24-48 hours) and possibly sooner than that. Give it 4-7 mailing days after the item has been shipped for transit time and delivery.

That’s it! Pretty soon you will be enjoying your personalized bible verse bracelet around your wrist.

Click here to make your very own bible verse bracelet!


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