New Heart & Flower Personalized Name Bracelets

You heard that right the new heart and flower Personalized Name Bracelets were just added to the site.

We arer super excited to announce the arrival of these new bracelets to the whole “personalized” family! There are 5 heart ID colors, and 4 flower ID colors. Which I’ll break down all the details for you in a sec.

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So here’s the deal…

It is the same bracelet size as our regular ID bracelets but on the left side of the bracelet there is a cutout of either a flower or heart with a rhinestone in the middle. Very cute!

The shapes are made with real leather in complimenting colors, (the brown or pink flower styles are my favorites). Each shape is cutout and are held together with a rhinestone.

Take a look for yourself…

Heart & Flower Personalized Name Bracelets

Oh yeah! - New Personalized Name Bracelets!

Here is the full review and my takeaways from these brand new styles of engraved bracelets…

Brown Flower and Heart Personalized Bracelets

Very Lux! Kinda of a LV type brown and gold combination.

The brown flower personalized name bracelet or heart personalized name bracelet has a nice darkish brown color for the main part of the bracelet with a very rich color gold and brown color leather cutout flower. Of course the rhinestone adorns the flower as well Vry lux! (kinda of like LV).

This is the most popular color combination, so if you are buying it as a gift this is a pretty safe bet.

Next up is the white colored engravable bracelets. I think you can look at these two ways…

White Heart and Flower Personalized Bracelet

Crisp. Clean. Classic. The White Heart & Flower Personalized Bracelet.

One is very patriotic, because the back leather is dyed (using all 100% natural organic dyes of course) teal blue, the red accent in the flower along with the classic white is va very chic way to show your pride for the usa.

The other way I look at this is a very summer feeling to the bracelet; it’s like a warm fresh breeze coming off the water. It would look with many outfits. Also, white accessorize can be hard to find and I think this one would make a real nice gift for yourself or someone else.

As an aside actual engraving on these teal bracelets comes out great, they really pop on the white leather.

Pink Heart & Flower ID Personalized Bracelet

Pretty in Pink! The rhinestone looks the best on this Pink Personalized Bracelet.

The pink leather heart bracelet, and pink flower bracelet features a nice pink and purple leather shape, and the rhinestone IMHO looks the best on this color.

Teal colored leather is used on this style as well. In general the pink ID is one of the more popular colors here at the shop and this is turning out to be the case again with these new pink additions. The pink is not subdued, but also not over the top, so kinda of in the middle. I think the purple in the flower really looks nice on the bracelet as well.

Green Heart & Flower Personalized Bracelets

Bring on the samba! This fresh spring color is so much fun!

Next is the green flower ID . There is a small distinction between the two. The Heart design features a red & yellow heart. The Flower design features a orange and yellow flower.

The first that comes to mind is spring. Next is on the beaches of RIO in brazil. An exciting color combination, no matter what the season this bracelet is sure to bring a little spring time and fun to your life! The green is a nice more tropical type green, and the orange and yellow could not have turned out better on the flower ID personalized name bracelet.

Red Heart ID Personalized Bracelet

A great sweetheart bracelet! Red & White the classic love colors...

Last but certainly not least is the is the red and white heart ID. Only available in the heart design (which we thought was appropriate) this really nice sweetheart bracelet features a beautiful contrast with the classic love colors of white and red. The bracelet engraves natural leather, which looks great as well.

The sizes of these bracelets are…

> Small 6.75 in. (Small Wrist Kids)

> Medium 7.25 in. (Kids or Small Wrists Girls)

> Large 7.5 in. (Girls)

From the middle of the buckle to the other middle of the buckle. If in doubt order the next size up!

Well, there you have it.

One last detail I should mention is the heart and flower designs are two tiered shapes. You have one cutout a little smaller than the one behind it so you get this nice layering and stacking effect. Also the heart is sort of wavy as you can hopefully see via the pictures.

I really hope you enjoy these new bracelets and remember…

To order click here or click shop personalized name bracelets in the top right corner to get started.

They are only $14.99 + $2.50 shipping and handling and they will ship and engrave whithin 24-48 hours so you can get it fast!

Thanks and talk soon,


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