New Personalized Name Bracelet Colors

We are super excited to bring you over 7 new colors of Personalized Name Bracelets to the shop!

You can now personalize on these brand new colors in the ID bracelet collection…

  • Purple ID
  • Pink ID
  • Red ID
  • Blue ID
  • Green ID
  • Yellow ID
  • Rasta ID
  • White ID

Pretty cool right? But, that’s not all the slim cuff bracelets also received a color refresh with these new colors.

  • Purple Slim Cuff
  • Black Slim Cuff
  • Pink Slim Cuff
  • Red Slim Cuff
  • Orange Slim Cuff

The black slim cuff is probably the most requested on of the bunch and looks great with any engraving.

Most of the colors are available in small, and medium sizes during this initial launch. Also, a really cool feature to the purple, pink, yellow, and white colors is the actual engraving color which comes out with a really attractive teal/aqua. In the picture below you see what I’m talking about.

Aqua Color Personalized Bracelet

Aqua Color Lettering Color for Personalized Bracelet

All the bracelets are in stock and ready to go awaiting your engraving message. ;-)

One last thing, there will be a full blog post about this in the future but all the bracelets are now made right here in the USA. The quality has increased significantly and the engraving message looks great. Just check out the example gallery to see for yourself.

All the best in the new year and talk soon.

– Mark

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